[introduce Hunan]Xiang style embroidery – what is Xiang Xiu

When you travel to Hunan, especially Changsha, the Xiang style embroidery is one of the most popular souvenirs. In Chinese it is called Xiang Xiu. Xiang is an abbreviation of Hunan Province. Xiu means embroidery.

Why is it famous?
Just look at the pictures and you have to admit that they are remarkable. But of course these are top quality embroidery and they are now expensive, well they are never cheap even in history. These embroidery have to be hand made. Machines cannot make top quality embroidery like them. But we understand most tourists, even you are from the west and compared with average Chinese you are rich, cannot afford these guys. Most of the embroidery products like scarf, handkerchief, clothes, robes, etc are affordable in the shops near every destinations in Hunan Province.

They are light, hand made, elegant in most cases, perfect for gifts when you return home. If you would like to buy them online, you should be able to find them on Amazon, eBay, etc. Or you can ask us for the price if you let us know your budget and how many pieces you need, and for what occasion. Use the comment form below or click Contact on this page to send us a message.

Oh we can make a piece of embroidery using a photo of yours, or your beloved. Those are not cheap of course but you may want to leave it for your children to collect as a piece of art. The average price would be $3,500, and the size would be around two square feet. We have good connections to those highly skilled embroidery workers as Changsha is the base of Xiang Embroidery.

a beautiful town of tea plantations and mountains, Changsha County, Hunan, China