countryside cultural salon in Jinjing, Changsha

Hello, my name is Julian Luo, the owner of a country inn located in norther Hunan, it’s called inMountains Inn. It is served as a summer camp in every summer break and I am the leading teacher. Now that we are in the middle of August, I am planning to expand this country inn to be a cultural salon speaking mainly English, where Chinese locals and Changsha expats talk about various topics, I will be the main translator and host. Some of your friends may join the discussions via phones of yours if he oe she is in other cities. I have worked as a bridge between American architects/decorators and Chinese developers for years, facilitating high end development projects in China.


Jinjing is a nice place for hiking. In the middle of each salon, there will be an organized hiking or biking or river swimming or BBQ+tent camping, according to the weather and customer choices.

Chinese Language Classes

I have been teaching Chinese language online for quite a long time, on and off. By default, I will organize a Chinese language class of about one hour.


We will vote for a certain topic to talk about. It could be about anything, preferably related to China’s future. So, welcome to join me in the beautiful mountains and tea plantations of Jinjing.

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a beautiful town of tea plantations and mountains, Changsha County, Hunan, China