An unusually quiet spring festival holiday in fear of coronavirus

This has been a very scary holiday since the breakout of Wuhan respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus. Everyone stayed at home with the families, unless we have to go out for shopping.

My mom went to the City of Zhongshan by train two days before the Chinese New Year’s Eve, there were many passengers in the train station, very few of them wore a mask. My uncle, aunt and mom wore one that my cousin bought for them online. I didn’t check their mask and I am afraid my mom, my aunt had no idea how to wear them properly. Mom is now staying with my sister’s family. I told her not to make any plan to return home yet, because you never know what will happen on the train and in the train stations.

Ms. Li came to Changsha to talk about working together in the future on Chinese New Year’s Eve. I picked her up in the bus station here in the town. She said the city of Xingsha where she changed the bus lines was almost empty, and the buses she took to come here had just one passenger – herself. Yesterday I walked her to the bus station, only to find out that all buses have stopped. She had to call a Didi car to the train station. The driver is a local young man, single. Other drivers refused to take the risk.

Three days ago, the sun was finally shining in the sky after days of rain. I visited a few neighbors in the village, everybody was in fear of the virus. Nobody came to my house since eight days ago.

I didn’t even open the front door since yesterday, stayed at home the whole day. Luckly I live alone in the countryside, we have enough water and vegetables and rice.

Nobody know if such a disaster will go away in a short period of time. What if we failed to produce a vaccine before millions of people lose their lives? Would my life be threatened soon?

Right now I have White Fox staying with me. She is a nice girl, I don’t know if her going out everyday will make her vulerable. Maybe from tomorrow, I will just keep her indoor, to make both of us safe.

I hope this time we finally get a chance to achieve political reform in the nation.

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