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The Rocky Blackboard and New -democratic Revolution

Jinjing is the name of my town. There is a central park called ShiBiHu 石壁湖, which means The Lake of Rocky Wall.

Look at the photo above, there is such a rocky wall behind me and my students. What is special about it? It was used as a giant blackboard by the local scholars, mainly local teachers, to educate the Jinjing people about a new democratic revolution 100 years ago.

They used limewash and huge brushes to write slogans on this eall, such as: democracy, science, freedom, etc. These modern new words inspired more and more local youth to fight against the old system, and began to see a much wider horizon.


I am biking with a student of mine, Peng Yong, going home from Yangtian, the PhD Village. I discovered a perfect trail for long distance biking this time in Changsha.

It took us five hours to arrive in Yangtian, which is also an old town with a lot of stories to tell. After half a day, and rested in a bed & breakfast, we are now heading home. It is a different way and also very safe and exciting. Most of the roads are like below.

The total distance is about 60kms.I will advise future tourists of my inMountains country inn in Jinjing to spend a weekend or two days tour with me.


Instead of biking, this trail is also ready for challenging hiking. 60kms in two days are not impossible to hike. What do you think?As you can see, there are almost no traffic on the road in the mornings when we will handle most of the biking. When it is getting too hot in summer, we will just hide in a farmer s house on the road side, or have a dip in the creek in the valleys.Want to join me? My wechat ID is amasia.