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列夫托尔斯泰 LEO TOLSTOY 说:人想要获得真正的自由,关键是要摆脱自己个性的控制 – 晚间英语写作课,来理解这段话

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Do you consider autism a personality? What is the difference/gap between mental illness and personality? I get distracted easily, which is something I would like to get into problem sometimes. Tolstoy has been one of the greatest writers in human history. It seems Russia was once a land of great writers. I have never stopped pursuing my dream, and freedom in my life. Yes, my life needs more freedom, and that is why I want to move to the USA so much, hopefully in the near future. Also, I am taking my kids with me this time. Let’s do it together, and help Mr. Luo to set up this small school.

Children are too stressful to read books by Leo Tolstoy. His novels require readers to have a certain age.

I have not read any novel written by Leo Tolstoy, which is a shame. I enjoy reading but my life is too busy to allow me to read a classic novel like War and Peace.

I wish I have more freedom in my life, however, I do not feel so trapped, at least not as much as before when I was younger.

Leo Tolstoy also wrote the novel Anna Karenina, which I have not yet read at this stage of my life. I should. How many of you have read the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy? How do we become free of our personality?

Most of us have some bad behaviors, and they are hard to get rid of.

The key to achieve real freedom is to get rid of the control of your personality.

我们大多数人都不太重视审视自己。Most of us do not care to observe the inner self.

The more a person becomes free from his personality, the more freedom he has. 一个人越能摆脱自己的个性,就越能享受自由。

The improvement of man can be measured, by the level of his inner freedom. 人的提升是可以被衡量的,就通过他内心的自由这个标准来衡量。


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