Three boys were greeted in the mountains, by an creature from underground, one was very curious to find out what it was and he is brave, another one was scared and refused to go again, the third one was fearless but he was stopped by his parents. There were conflicts and fights at first, at last, they chose friendship, and conscience, decided to team up, to walk into the mountain again. by:_*julian_*160843_*

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The story of Buffalo Rock Valley 卧牛石山谷里的故事

It was a beautiful Autumn day, right after the Moon Festival, three boys – Peng, Yangyang and Li – were riding bikes in a valley. Trees are getting colorful, the breeze is dry and nice, the rice field in the small valley looks very pleasant, a golden harvest is coming in just one week or ten days, and the small valley will become noisy and joyful for half a day or so, and then it shall be quiet again, just like it has always been in the past ten years.

Most of the villagers have moved out to live near the town, only students from a private school nearby would come here to hike or bike. The unkown peaceful valley is not too far from inMountains School, most of the days the teachers would bring them here but today only three of them came.

Peng is their leader and he knows this area.

They lied down on a rock to take a rest, staring at the blue sky and the white cloud, with their arms behind their heads as pillows, thinking, and dreaming…

Peng looked around, and realized that it was a very unusually all dark black huge rock, and their friends all nodded and agreed. Yangyang said to his friends: “I think it should be named 卧牛石 – the Buffalo Rock, because it looks just like a hidden buffalo living underground, accidently broke the earth, and we now see the back of this underground creature – a monster.”

He is a 13-year-old boy, tall and thin, and his family name is Yang.

“OK, the Buffalo Rock, then I will name this valley as Buffalo Rock Valley. You have the rock, go ahead, I own the valley. ” the other boy, Li, shorter and a couple of years younger, said to Yangyang.

“I do not think it is a monster, I believe the creature is probably a gentle mammal.” The third boy, whose family name is Peng, had his own impression of this strange rock. He lied on his side, putting his ear on the rock, closing his eyes. Peng is 14 years old, the oldest of them all, gentle, and most of time quiet.

Li and Yangyang also lied on their sides. Who knows? maybe a rock has its own life circle, just as their teacher Mr. Luo once said, there are lives to be respected everywhere, and voices to be heard in every corner.

inMountains School is indeed school in the mountains, not too far from this valley. It is a small private school, their classmates left for home during the 8-day Moon Festival & National Day holiday, while three of them decided to stay in school and ride bikes by themselves.

“I wish one day I get to live underground, without being bothered by anyone.” Peng said to himself, he looked a bit low, it seems something on his mind just got him.

“You are always a sentimental person. I wouldn’t want to live underground, I want to fly, like birds, like the hawk we saw this morning. ” Li said.

“I want to be a cowboy, riding this buffalo, my buffalo.” Yangyang said.

“Your buffalo has a giant ass!” Li laughed.

They all laughed, clapping the rock with their palms, as if they are pushing the giant buffalo under them to move a bit faster.

We all have dreams, and disappointments in our lives. The valley became quiet again, the three boys closed their eyes.

Suddenly two of them jumped up, both looked confused, and said almost the same time: “I think I just heard a heart beat!”

“What?!” Yangyang did not hear anything.

“It was a heart beat, very… far away, but very heavy, and strong, I am sure it is the heart beat of something very large.” Li said.

“You are right. I heard that same sound, just like a heart beat, exactly what you just described.” Peng turned to Yangyang who couldn’t believe them, “How come you did not hear it? Did you get asleep?”

Yangyang thought for a while, and said: “I may be distracted, by an ant on my leg…”

“Let’s listen again.” Yangyang suggested, and quickly lie down, putting his right ear on the unusually massive black rock. The other two did the same.
“I have never seen such a black rock, it is all dark, there isn’t any dot, scars…” Li whispered to his pals, he looks very excited.
“Shhhh…” he was silenced by Yangyang.

Not waiting for too long, they all heard a voice from deep down the earth: “Hello…”
It is definitely a greeting from someone old, or senior, and it is in English!

Three young men all stood up, looking at each other, horrified, looking around but saw no one. Li was the first to run toward his bike, and the other two followed.

The voice was very low, like a giant calling them on top of another mountain. Peng looked at the hill tops around the rock, still, saw nothing. They all got really scared, and escaped from the Buffalo Rock Valley.

“What do you mean a human voice from a rock?! Or a buffalo??” Their friends at the school did not believe them at all, after hearing from them.

“The rock looks a bit like the back of a massive buffalo hidden underground, with only part of his back exposed to us. The voice was from underground, saying hello … to us…” The tall boy Yangyang explained.

“He said it in English!” Li added.

“Are you saying the voice from America? the other side of the planet?” one of the crowd asked.

“I do not think the thing is from the other side of the planet. That’s impossible, don’t be silly. ” Li said: “I am…we are just saying that there might be a very large cave under there, and there might be something living underground, in the valley. ”

“Why don’t we go and find out?” Yangyang suggested, looking around in the room.

“We have to tell Teacher Luo!” one of the students reminded him.

“Teacher Luo is not here, and he would not approve this I think, without him being there with us. ” Li is getting anxious. “It is getting late, and the thing might have left if we wait for too long. ”

“I will go back. ” Yangyang agreed, he has already regretted that he came back following Li, and he was confused why Li changed his attitude so quickly.

“Mom would beat me if I go without the permission of the teacher.” “Yeah…”

Most of the children just do not believe them.

“Oh, come on…” Li keeps persuading: “I can feel that voice is from a kind man…maybe just a very very old man, harmless…”

“I cannot go…” Peng said to his two friends, “I do not want to get in trouble. And I disagree that you go without the permission of Teacher Luo.”

“What do you mean you disagree?! I do not need your persmission.” Yangyang raised up his voice, obviously got upset. “I will go with or without you.”

He then looked at Li, hoping to get his support.

Li was shocked that two of his friends suddently became enimies.

"It is irresponsible and selfish to go by yourself, without an adult accompanying you. Teacher Luo would be in big trouble if you and Li are kidnapped, or fall in a cliff, or ... a cave." Peng insisted.

"So you do believe that there might be a cave, and you think there is someone out there." Yangyang said, his face turned red. "What if the old man is a kind person, who can help us? You said that he sounds kind yourself."

"Maybe that old man was just pretending to be kind. Those kidnappers always do." A boy said. "This is just nonsense. " Yangyang became angry, "I surely know what a kidpapper looks like, and sounds like. By the way, what kind of kidnapper would go to a valley like that, with no one living there, to kidnap a child? The human traffickers always commit crimes in densely populated areas. "

"I agree." Li stood by Yangyang.

"Everything is possible!" Peng took out his phone, and began to call Teacher Luo. "You are just a coward! A sissy!" Yangyang was angry to see that his friend turned to an informer, which he hates, he then rushed out toward his bike, and decided to go back to the valley by himself. The 11 y.o. boy Li was hesitating, he did not want to go in such a situation.

"Are you coming or not?" Yangyang shouted at Li from outside.

"Teacher Luo said go another time with him." Peng said to Yangyang loudly. "He said he does not approve your going back by yourself."


TO BE CONTINUED ... 本故事未完待续

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