A 10 year old girl was kidnapped and raped…her mother was put into jail because she was seeking for justice …[China Stories]

从混沌走向有序,需要一个过程,在这个过程中,很多人的思维由于转变得太慢,付出了沉痛的代价。比如说,80年代的严打,让很多人由于一些并不太严重的错误,失去了宝贵的生命,其中包括朱德的亲孙子,25岁的朱国华,由于强奸妇女和流氓罪被枪决。Moving from chaos to order requires a process. In this process, many people have paid a heavy price because their mindsets changed too slowly. For example, the crackdown movement in the 1980s made many people lose their precious lives due to some less serious mistakes, including Zhu Guohua, a 25-year-old grandson of Zhu De, one of the founders of the People’s Republic of China, who was shot for rape and hooliganism.

那是1983年,在那之前不太久就是文革,打死人不偿命的事情很常见,That was 1983. Not long before that was the cultural revolution, when it was very common to kill people without paying for their lives.

没想到几年之后,流氓罪都可以让人判死刑,哪怕是名门之后。Unexpectedly, a few years later, the crime of hooliganism can lead to death sentence, even he or she comes from famous families. 

一个没有法制,档高于法的社会,哪怕是朱德的孙子都不能幸免。In a society where there is no legal system and the level is higher than the law, even Zhu De’s grandson cannot be spared.

徐州铁链女引起世界关注,让一些人想起唐慧案. Xuzhou iron chain woman has attracted worldwide attention and reminded some people of Tang Hui’s case

这个中国女性的名字,和一个叫做劳教的历史词汇连在一起。这两个案子中,两个女孩的被拐卖,时间相隔10来年。虽然她们的悲惨经历完全不同,但都很不幸出生于一个普遍不把拐卖妇女儿童当一回事的年代。在徐慧的这个震惊全国的“强迫幼女卖淫案”中,一开始,当地的派出所竟然根本就不立案。The name of this Chinese woman is linked to a historical word called reeducation through labor. In these two cases, the of the two girls were abducted and trafficked at a time interval of more than 10 years. Although their tragic experiences are completely different, they are unfortunately born in an era when abduction and trafficking of women and children are generally not taken seriously. In Xu Hui’s “forced young girl prostitution case” that shocked the whole country, at the beginning, the local police station did not file a case at all.


  • 劳教 – 劳动教养 reeducate through labour
  • 上访 appeal to the higher authorities for help
  • 案件 case
  • 拐卖妇女儿童 trafficking in women and children
  • 休闲中心 leisure centre
  • 卖淫 prostitution

这个如今将近50岁的女人,曾经和丈夫以及独生女儿住在湖南省的永州市。The woman, now nearly 50, used to live in Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, with her husband, and their only-daughter. 后来为了保护女儿,他们家搬到了一个没人认识她们的城市。

2006年10月1日,她的10岁的女儿被附近一个发廊的理发师欺骗、强奸,被四人轮奸,被强迫带到休闲中心和酒店卖淫百余次。On October 1, 2006, her 10-year-old daughter was cheated and raped by a barber in a nearby hair salon, later gang raped by four men, and taken to a leisure center and hotels for prostitution for more than 100 times.

将近三个月后,由于一家人和亲戚朋友的努力,小女孩从一个休闲中心被找到,但已经患有严重的创伤后应激精神障碍,和性病。Nearly three months later, thanks to the efforts of her family, relatives and friends, the little girl was found from a leisure center, but she had suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and sexually transmitted diseases.

当地公安机关刚开始拒绝对此立案,没有处罚任何一个犯罪分子,At the beginning, the local police office refused to file a case and did not punish any criminals.

妈妈唐慧以死相威胁,这家派出所才立案,They did it only after the mother Tang Hui threatened them with death.

但是19天过去了,依然允许那家胁迫幼女卖淫的休闲中心灯红酒绿地开业。However, 19 days later, the leisure center that forced the young girl into prostitution was still allowed to open.

后来唐妈妈遭到了这家休闲中心的威胁,但她不仅没有退步,反而坚定了作为妈妈的决心,Later, Mother Tang was threatened by the leisure center, but she not only did not step back, but strengthened her determination as a mother.

不仅仅要求严厉惩罚所有7名相关罪犯,后来还告了纵容犯罪的警察。She not only asked to severely punish all seven criminals, but also sued the police who connived at the crime. 

多次采取极端手段上访伸冤,She has repeatedly resorted to extreme means to petition for redress,

包括在2008年那场罕见的冰天雪地的冬天,跪在检察院的院子里长达十几个小时,including kneeling in the courtyard of the procuratorate for more than ten hours in the rare freezing winter of 2008,

包括去北京,被围追堵截,然后强行从北京开车押回到湖南永州老家,被打得吐血。。。 including going to Beijing, being surrounded, chased and intercepted, and then forcibly driving back from Beijing to her hometown of Yongzhou, Hunan by the police, and being beaten to vomit blood…

2010年,永州零陵公安局因为一种叫做“私下接受采访”的罪,把她关押了37天。In 2010, Yongzhou Lingling Public Security Bureau detained her for 37 days for a crime called “privately being interviewed”.

后来由于这个案件惊动了中央,经过多级法院的反复审理,罪犯基本上都受到了严惩,两人被判死刑,四人被判无期徒刑,一人被判15年。After repeated trials by multi-level courts, the case alerted the central government, the criminals were basically severely punished. Two of them were sentenced to death, four were sentenced to life imprisonment and one was sentenced to 15 years.

没想到最终判决之后几个月,这个妈妈突然被公安押走,因为多次采取静坐和长跪还有拦车等方式上访,以严重扰乱公共秩序为由,被一个叫做劳教委员会的机构,判处一年半劳动教养。Surprisingly, several months after the final trial, the mother was suddenly taken away from home, by the police, and sentenced to receive reeducation through labor for one and half a year, because of seriously disturbing the order of the public, which includes sitting in the front gate or courtyard of higher authorities, kneeling in those places for long hours, and stopping cars of high officials, etc.

经过当年舆论的强大压力和律师团的积极努力,她被释放。After the strong pressure of public opinion and the active efforts of the lawyer group, she was released. 

她再次打官司,这次的被告人是永州劳教委,她打赢了,对方给她赔偿10万元精神损失费,但她拒绝了,说​,我不在黑暗中拿钱。​She sued again. This time, the accused was Yongzhou Labor Education Commission. She won. The defendant offered to compensate her 100,000 yuan for mental loss, but she refused and said, I don’t take money in the dark.

这位坚强的妈妈成为了中国法制社会建设过程中的一个里程碑人物,和当年的电影《秋菊打官司》一样,代表了底层百姓寻求正义的强烈愿望。The strong mother has become a milestone in the construction of China’s legal society. Like the film Qiujus Lawsuit, she represents the strong desire of the people at the bottom to seek justice.



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