Horseback Tea Trading Trail in the Mountains of Jinjing

After the Opium War beteeen China’s Qing Dynasty and the UK, the trade between two countries went to normal. After the Revolution of 1911, Qing Dynasty became history, the Republic of China was officially part of the world trade network. Jinjing’s tea, especially black tea was popular in the world, every family was involved in the business, every piece of land available in Jinjing and nearby towns was covered with tea plantations. Therefore the

Horse Back Tea Trading

appeared. I guess they were transported to Changsha Port, or probably Guangzhou Port as well. Horseback transpotation was faster and more reliable than the boat.

This is our summer camp, and we were talking and imaging that part of our history, full of dreams and glory.

Our ancestors had the chance to live a life of freedom and self respect, but that dream broke after the second civil war.