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Master Li: a lengendary bare-foot doctor of traditional chinese medicine

Taiji Yoga Master Li李煜,成都市人。曾从事工人、教员、记者、律师等工作。Ms. Li Yi lives in the City of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She was a worker, later a reporter, a lawyer, and a college teacher.

七十年代即开始对传统《易经》文化和瑜伽文化与中医文化的进行学习和探索。Since 1970s, Ms. Li began to study Chinese traditional culture including the Book of Changes, traditional Chinese medicine, and later Yoga.

八十年代末,毅然放弃优裕生活,踏上菩提路,开始了艰辛的修行,曾遍阅经典并在喜玛拉雅山和崆峒山、终南山等圣地闭关数年并师从国内外若干大德贤者,其间历尽艰辛,终获殊胜教益与加持。运用《易经》文化、瑜伽文化、阿育吠陀医学文化、太极医学文化、中医和藏医学文化,创造了无数生命奇迹。At the end of 1980s, she gave up her wealthy life as a successful businesswoman and lawyer, became a buddhist. After searching for truth in thousands of books of various related fields, and practicing Buddhism for years in the mountains of Himalaya, Zhongnan and Kongdong, she established a reputation by helping numerous people, mainly patients, orphans, monks, nuns, domestically and intrrnationally, using an amazingly flexible combined skill sets of Chinese traditional medicine, accupuncture, pulse diagnose, Tibetan medicine, the Book of Changes, Yoga philosophy, ancient Indian Aryuvenda medicine, and Tai Chi.虽然身怀绝技,但却数度拒绝了国内外诸多媒体的採访与报道,拒绝了德国丶美国丶以色列等相关机构邀请讲学与交流……其原因是基于心灵深处忠贞的守望——守望着东方文化千世不替的辉煌和日月轮迴的万古沧桑!Her extraordinary and mysterious skills brought attention from all kinds of people. There were international organizations inviting her for either speech or interview: Germany, USA and Israel. She declined all those, because she was hoping to take good care of the neglected oriental culture on her own land.

Academic Resume

  • 四川大学中文系肆业

Sichuan University, Chinese Literature, Bachelor

  • 成都中医药大学《易经中医内科》专业结业

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Book of Changes Study, Bachelor, Chengdu Chinese Medical University

  • 中国中医科学院高级针灸师进修班结业

Accupuncturist, China Traditional Medicine Academy

  • 四川大学哲学系社会学专业研究生

Study of Sociology: Sichuan University

  • 四川大学宗教研究所佛教专业博士进修生

Advanced Study for Buddhism: Sichuan University

  • 西南师范大学心理学专业研究生

Study of Psychology: Western-South Teacher Traing University

  • 中国人民大学哲学系佛学专业研究生

Advanced Study of Buddhism: The People’s University of China

工作简历:Working Resume


Specialist Consultant of the National Administration for Traditional Medicine

  • 中国易经学会常务副秘书长

Executive Vice Secretary-General in the Society for the Book of Changes

  • 四川省运动技术学院田径系客座教授

Visiting Professor for Healing and Potential Development in Sichuan College of Sports Technique Research

  • 西南师范大学成都科技进修学院心理学系客座教授

Visiting Professor in West-South Teacher Training University for Psychology

  • 中国保健协会心理保健专委会高级心理保健师

Registered Specialist for Mental Health Care

  • 全美瑜伽联盟RYT500导师

RYT500 Registered Yoga Coach

  • ACIC国际系统瑜伽理疗师

ACIC Registered Yoga Coach

  • 中国北少林寺武僧团团长兼内功总教练:

Chief-coach of the Northern Shaolin Temple Junior Warrior Monks

  • 武当山道教功夫团内功指导;

Coach for Internal Strength Practice in Wudang Mountain Taoism Kungfu Group

  • 武当山信辰太极功夫团内功教练与执行总监

Coach for Internal Strength in Wudang Mountain Xinchen TaiChi Kungfu Group

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