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Introducing Master Li: Alternative Healing with both Qigong and Yoga

Right after WWII, there was the second Chinese Civil War, Ms. Li’s father, as a KMT officer, rushed to Taiwan. His young wife was just a teenager at the time, she was so scared that she left her first child behind, and took the plane to follow her husband. The young couple had no time to take the infant with them. The little baby girl became an orphan living in the mainland China, lost contact with her parents forever.

Orphan and Chinese Civil War

At first, she was taken care of by her father’s mother, and then the People’s Republic of China was founded, the Land Reform began, her grammar was killed by angry crowds, the baby girl was then taken to another province called Sichuan, to live with her mother’s mother, the old lady was also killed in no time, as she is also from a big family and her daughter escaped to Taiwan. The poor little girl was then taken to live with her mother’s mother’s sister. One day, this elegant old lady dressed up nicely, played piano for a while, killed herself.

Losing Three Grandmas in Three Months

The baby gril lost three grandmas in just three months, she was taken to her fourth home – an orphanage. A few months later, she was adopted by a Chengdu couple who couldn’t have a child in three years, her joining in this family soon brought five new members. The couple gave birth to five babies of their own, the adopted untamed girl became a blaming and beating target of the mother.

Witched Girl

Since she was a little girl, somehow she had the talent to predict someone’s death in the street. She said there was someone else who she called uncle had the same witched gift. And such a witched girl had lived an amazing life of 74 years, with unusual talents and vision. We will keep writing about her stories on this website later on.

Why are we looking at the USA?

Since 2020, Amasia is working with Master Li to bring her diversified medical healing experiences and skills to the United States, including Yoga meditation, Tai Chi, traditional Chinese medicine, accupunture, psychology, ancient Indian Aryuvenda medicine, Tibetan herbal medicine, etc. She is an amazing learner, taught herself many skills. Why are we looking at the USA now? It is in her genes to learn new things. Ms. Li looks forward to the opportunities of discovering the secrets of life science, and learning from top scientists, etc.

Ms. Li is a lengendary bare-foot traditional Chinese doctor, accupunturist and buddhist. Here below is a picture of her students and herself about 15 years ago. She loves to study and try different things, later she became a licenced Yoga coach, click here to find out more about Master Li’s working resume and titles.

Master Li Yu and her warrior monks of Shaolin Kungfu School
Master Li Yu and her warrior of Shaolin Kungfu School. She was the chief-coach of the warriors, and coach for inner strength.

Below the photo, her name is written as 释光明, which is her Buddhist name.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is written as 太极, in pinyin it is Taiji. It means the ultimate resource and limit of reality, it is an art embracing body, spirit and mind. Practicing Taichi is like training and awakening our inner strength flow to run smoothly, to break the blockage in our system, grow it to be stronger and controlable. Click here to read more about Tai Chi.

Can she really combine Tai Chi with Yoga?

Yes she can. Ms. Li is one of the very few in the world who has spent years studying and working in Tibet where India and China meet. Tai Chi and Yoga are similar in many ways, both of their goals are healing our body and mind. Its basic methods are the same: breathing, imagery/picturing, meditation, balancing, energy field, etc.

the Book of Changes 易经(I Ching/eeJing)

The Book of Changes is a linear signs to be used as oracles. Ms. Li is one of the very few researchers who have the talents and life experience to study these oracles.

It is also written as I Ching, or YiJing which is pinyin (how you type the two characters into computer), the book origin goes back to the mythical antiquity. Although most westerns have never heard of it, it is one of the most important classics in the long history of China.

Using eeJing to predict one’s fate based on various signs in life and on the face is what Ms. Li does every now and then. This skill is also part of her healing abilities.

Working in Tibet

Master Li has been practicing TaiChi since 1980s. When she was practicing Buddhism in Tibet, she met a Yoga grandmaster from India in a practicing cave, later she began to study Yoga. She is more interested in studying the classic Yoga books, the phylosophy, rather than the postures. After that she tried to combine various healing skills for her patients, also monks, nuns. Over the years she has become a grandmaster of Asian healing arts who are so flexible/creative that she was later chosen to work in a secret program funded by Beijing.

Is Ms. Li a licensed Yoga Coach?

She is. But she only teaches the meditation part, not postures, because she believes the postures are superficial, while the meditation is the key to discover the power of Yoga. As a Chinese bare-foot doctor, she taught herself about Aryunvenda Indian Medicine, which is similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine. So she is not just a typical Yoga coach, she is a healer.

Does She Use Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Sometimes. Master Li believes the inner strength, the energe field around your body are the key for healing. When she was working closely with monks, taorists, nuns, orphans, she used pulse-diagnosis and Chinese herbal medicine to help those people in poor conditions, because she was a volunteer doctor, so over the years, she has touched numerous pulses and learned a great deal. Her herbal medicines also include her discoveries in Tibet.

Where is Your Healing Clinic/Farm?

We currently do not have a clinic or studio outside of China. Our healing farm is in Changsha, Hunan Province. However, we are looking for business partners/practioners in American cities. If you are interested in this collaboration, pls leave a message below.

How much do you charge for personal consultation?

Ms. Li has never left China. She helped a few patients from the rest of the world, including USA, Isreal, Germany, to cure breast cancer, AIDS, and leukemia. The fee was not based on hours, it was on days. We will need to discuss based on your location and conditions.


Where are the testimonials?

Ms. Li is not a typical doctor of any kind. She spends many of her time teaching, studying, she does not have a company or clinic. Also, in China, we do not have such a section on our websites because nobody would believe it.

What is Qigong and What are the differences between Qigong and TaiChi?

Qi means vital-life-force, gong means effort. Qigong is the work/effort to activate vital-life-force, it is actually similar to Tai Chi in many ways. Or you may understand it as part of TaiChi. Through study, individuals aim to develop the ability to manipulate Qi(the life force inside our body) to promote self-healing, prevent disease, and increase longevity.

There are three types of Qigong: martial Qigong for physical powers, medical Qigong to heal self and others, and spiritual Qigong for enlightment. The medical Qigong is obviously the most popular type.

Medical Qigong is one of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, other three are: accupuncture, medical massage, and herbal medicine. Qigong shares the foundmental theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and uses similar dianostic and treatment methods.

Researcher in a Secret Program

Ms. Li has healed many patients using medical Qigong, she used to be the chief-coach of one of the largest Qigong group in China, with millions of followers/practioners.

In the 1990s, Qigong was a very popular movement in China, there are various Qigong groups practicing similar Qigong methods. Later, the government dismissed all Qigong organizations.

Before that, Ms. Li was chosen to work in a secret program, as a researcher, studying and training the gifted children. As she gets older, she hopes to train some gifted children to be healers like herself, helping those who cannot afford hospitals, or do not trust western medicine. This is also how we end up working together.

Can Master Li fly to the USA or Europe?

Yes, if necessary. However, the air fare and hotels will be paid/arranged by the clients. If the client cannot provide a qualified translator, then her business partner & assistant, Julian Luo, are expected travel with her to assist and translate.


Ms. Li taught many students to practice Qigong/meditation, her students include professors, workers etc. She was invited by an Isreali medical college to lecture but she didn’t go. Her roots are in China. Now that she is already 74, living alone, she feels the urgency to share what she has learned over the years, in China or overseas.

Amasia Group

Amasia is an educational company based in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, train students who want to learn English and the USA. Originally Amasia was founded in Long Beach, California, introducing American architects and designers to work in China.

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